These 15 Pics Of Dublin Show Just How Good This Summer Was

Dublin, we <3 you

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Feeling blue because summer is over?

Us too. And so is everyone.

But, fear not. We have a whole album of beautiful photographs that will make you happy you were there, rather than sad that it's over.

Read 'em and (don't) weep. 

1. Costa del Sandycove

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2. Blue skies all round

3. With artistic creations popping up around every corner

4. Purple sky at night...

...everyone's delight?

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5. With Dublin beaches looking more like The Med everyday

6. And giving us a world of opportunity to explore

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7. Global issues being tackled in the most admirable of ways

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8. This incredible shot of Howth seaside

Yes, Howth. 

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9. Becoming a truly welcoming city

Even more so than before. 

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10. And our local delicacies are only getting better

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11. And, even grey days look like movie sets

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12. With pick-me-ups around every corner

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13. And nights out that look like this

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14. And nights that look like that

15. With views like this

Why oh why would you ever consider leaving...

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