These Guys Are Taking The Piss Out 'Artisanal' Foods With Their Own Range Of Bespoke Water

"Every drop of water has a story, it's not just something I'm exaggerating for cameras or anything"

These guys take a pop at all things 'artisanal' with their video about bespoke water and it's bloody brilliant.

Uploaded by Paul Riccio, the video tells the story of the Timmy Brothers, AKA The Water Makers. The Brooklyn-based brothers talk about taking their customers on a journey with their signature batches which utilise ancient, painstaking methods of filtration.

Drinking water is like opening up a Mark Twain story. Except, you know, without the racist parts.

Terry Timmy

The funny clip just goes to show how rampant this kind of codology is these days.

You can find the real-life version of this with these water bottles up in Belfast that cost €37.

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