11 Symptoms You'll Recognise If You've Ever Experienced A Caffeine High

Feel like you could write the next Great Irish Novel


It's no secret that coffee is akin to liquid steroids to one and all who enjoy it. And we wouldn't change it for all the pints in Toner's.

However, sometimes we caffeine sluts chug it down like it ain't no thang and completely lose our shit for an hour or two.

Here are 11 things we've all thought after we've double dropped some of that sweet, sweet caffeine into our puny, seemingly incapable systems.

1. You wonder what you have been doing all your life up until right this second

How much time have I wasted being an average run-of-the-mill non-caffeinated person? Why have I ever slept?!


2. You begin to acknowledge your unbelievably heightened senses

My fingers tapping sound like a thousand tiny mice running away from a million spiders. And I love it!


3. You gain unbridled self-belief

I should start campaigning to be President!

Or start training for a marathon. If my fingers can move that speedily, imagine how fast my bigger, longer, musclier legs can move!


4. You begin to crack the hidden secrets of the world

I finally now know what R Kelly was singing about!

6. You wonder if this is what cocaine feels like

And now you wonder if people think you do drugs.


7. You become acutely aware of you and your surroundings

Oh God, I've definitely put too many ‘haha’s’ in that FB comment. They'll know. They'll all know.

president 1

8. You begin to plan your life around this new explosion of productivity you're experiencing

Okay, so when I get home I should definitely be able to watch Lost while doing 40 push-ups, organising my wardrobe AND finish my assignment all at once. Solid.

200 2

9. Music now speaks to you like never before

You used to just feel the words, and now you feel it all!* For it is now the rhythm of your beating heart, and as a result, you are one.

*may or may not be the result of caffeine shakes.


10. You wonder will this feeling ever end

Good GOD how long has it been since this substance has mounted my system and injected me with the sweet nectar of unbridled happiness. An hour?



11. You crash, and oh do you burn

An hour and a half of fast-paced, sweaty, twitching later and you're in a hoop on the floor trying not to pass out in your own tears. Another solid day's work, my friend.

200-1 5

Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin. kate@lovin.com