11 Things You Quickly Recognise When You Move BACK To Ireland

You suddenly become aware of the Irish attitude to tipping, jay walking, and you really appreciate the importance of queues

Road Etiquette

When you leave Ireland there are plenty of things you miss, but when you move back to the country, there's lots you only notice for the first time.

Growing up in Ireland you simply accept the country the way it is, but live outside the country for awhile and you'll notice that we do some things a little differently.

Here are just 11 of those things.

1. The Irish attitude to tipping

Tipping's an absolute essential when you're somewhere like the US or Canada, but many Irish people don't really believe in it. And those who don't tend to be quite vocal about not being into it as well (as you'll probably see in the comment section soon enough).

Willy Wonka Tipping Noodels Co

2. Everybody jay walks

There are some countries where jaws will drop if you defy the red pedestrian light. But then, Irish people are just natural rebels.

Jay Walking

3. Queues are far better than the alternative

While queues can sometimes feel like Purgatory on Earth, you come to appreciate them when you visit a place that has a more of a violent, mob rule way of deciding who goes first.

Crazy Queue

4. The ridiculousness of local politics

Which The Savage Eye summed up perfectly.

5. The friendliness of our drivers

Well, drivers outside of Dublin.

Irish Road Etiquette

6. That distinctive Ireland smell  

You know that moment you get off the plane in another country and the first thing you notice is the smell? Well, when you set foot back in Ireland the first thing that hits you is the fragrance of wet grass. Can't bate it.

Nic Cage Fresh Air

7. How much of our speech is pure sarcasm

The level of sincerity you're expected to show when you're abroad is genuinely exhausting. 

Irish Humour

8. Our fondness for cursing

Not every country can handle the amount of cursing we do, we just don't take it as seriously as they seem to. 

In fairness, Colin Farrell can take it too far at times.

Colin Farrell

9. Floury spuds

Sure where else would you find the like of 'em?

Flowery Spuds

10. The state of our public transport

You'll find that remote villages in the depths of South America have more dependable bus schedules than our nation's capital.

Dublin Transport

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11. Our love of milky tea

You may be surprised to hear that many people outside of Ireland and the UK find it fuckin' weird that we add milk to tea, but we do love that golden brown goodness.

Of course, getting the level of milkiness just right is a fine art...

Milky Tea

What else do you notice when you move home to Ireland? Let us know in the comments.

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