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20th Dec 2016

9 Things You’ll Recognise If You Regularly Have To Battle Your Way Down Grafton Street


Ah Grafton Street: all human life is here.

The thoroughfare is so iconic that it’s one of the few street names in the capital that culchies can actually remember, and it is indeed a memorable place.

Grafton Street has a distinct character, and the following things are all associated with the place – some good, some not so good…

1. That initial wave of claustrophobia

As you wade into the throng, your immediate reaction to the slow-moving crowds around you is utter panic.

Crowd Stfi

2. Oh look, Keywest are playing again

It wouldn’t be Grafton Street without ’em.


3. People standing around in awe of a guy spray painting planets

Some suspect that wizardry is at play here.

Planets Spray Paint

“Who is this aerosol da Vinci?”, the crowd murmurs

4. Guys holding signs all day that seem perpetually on the verge of collapse


5. Thinking to yourself “did they really need two Gino’s outlets on one street?”

And knowing, in your heart of hearts, that the answer is “yes, they really did”.


Pic: Rosie/Flickr

6. Admiring the Brown Thomas doorman’s top-hat 

And remembering he’s literally a hero.

Doorman Main

Pic: Humans Of Dublin

7. Those guys sculpting dogs

Using a special mixture of sand and lies.


8. The difficulty of dodging chuggers 

In this crowded area, it’s hard to see those agile feckers coming.

9. And, of course, feeling an intense urge to kill every slow fucker in front of you

Our eye is twitching just thinking about it.

Main picture: 1000 Words/

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