Thinking Of Filming Chimps With A Drone Tonight? Here's Why You Probably Shouldn't...


Drones have been an absolute revelation since they became a consumer product in the last few years, with professional and amateur photographers alike using them to capture stunning shots of urban landscapes, massive events and natural phenomena.

Ireland has certainly made the most out of this new technology, and on this site we've already brought you a few examples of how they've been used to create amazing videos of the Poolbeg Chimneys, the Wicklow countryside, the Wild Atlantic Way – and even one instance where a farmer used one to round up his sheep.

But just in case you were getting any notions because of the fine weather, it's important to remember that machines and animals don't ALWAYS mix... particularly when the drone wanders uninvited into the living quarters of the subjects.

And this footage of 23-year-old Pushi, a chimp who was being filmed as part of a documentary about Holland's Burgers' Zoo, shows exactly why.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan