WARNING: Prepare For Nostalgic Over Load. If You Spent Many summers As a Kid In Mosney This Video Will BrIng All your Mosney Memories Rushing Back

Posted by Little Big Flix on Tuesday, 28 July 2015

This Drone Footage Of The Abandoned Mosney Holiday Centre From Our Childhood Is Strangely Emotional

Here come the waterworks...

Many remember the Mosney Holiday Centre from their childhood days with fondness, but it's pretty sad to look at now.

Posted by Little Big Flix, the video was taken by a drone which flew over what remains of the Mosney Holiday Centre.

Opening in 1982 in County Meath, Mosney was popular with holiday makers from all over Ireland who spent time there during the summer, while many others visited their fairground on school trips. However, when package holidays became more affordable in mid-nineties Ireland, Mosney could no longer compete and finally shut its door in 2000.

While the accommodation has been repurposed as a Direct Provisions centre, the former holiday centre's fairground remains abandoned. This emotional footage of a place once brimming with childhood happiness will get all you nostalgic folks out there right in the ticker.

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