This Fashion Blogger Got Mugged Live On Periscope


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An Irish fashion and beauty blogger known as Bec Boop was mugged live on Periscope yesterday as she updated followers on the live-streaming app.

Bec was doing her daily Periscope from her London commute, chatting to followers and answering questions as she made her way to work yesterday morning when an opportunistic mugger snatched her phone from her hand. 

Bec wrote on her blog that she was doing her regular Periscope in London – in daylight, with "a lot of that people around" when her "mobile phone was snatched violently from [her] hand by a thug on a bicycle."

Her live stream continued as he put her phone in his pocket and, Bec wrote: 

I cannot imagine how frightening this must have been for my live viewers, including my mother. They heard my frightened scream and then the screen went black.

Bec was thankfully unharmed during the violent incident, and later spoke to the UK police, who took an hour to come to her aid, as the crime was not high priority. 

The important thing is that I was not physically hurt. I have heard even worse horror stories about crimes of this nature so I feel very lucky that I was not injured. I was and still am, in shock.

Though Bec was shaken by the incident, she wasn't harmed – and used it as a warning to her readers and viewers to be vigilant when using their smartphones in public. 

It's an all-too-common occurrence in any city, although slightly less common to have it all captured on video.

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