This Ice Cream Tractor Might Be The Most Irish Thing You've Ever Seen

Forget the ice cream truck - this is what you need today!


We're a modern European country, which houses the EMEA headquarters of tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Yet, despite technological advancements it's great to see the likes of this..

Behold, the ice cream tractor.

The tractor which operates down on the beach in Tramore is the creation of John Kent, and as he says himself:

"(It is) a nationally known tractor Tramore ice cream parlour and is looked for by many an anticipating childish smile. Who would think of such a vehicle? It is straight out of the land of dreams and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang like stories."

John Kent

We can only imagine he'll be doing savage business on a day like today. What a legend!


Photo credit.

You only really understand the magic of this creation when you see the video...

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Niall Harbison

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