This Irish Guy's App Allows You To Message HUNDREDS Of Tinder Matches At Once

It gives you a lot more control over the dating app too


This new app will allow you to Tinder like you've never Tindered before.

Designed by Irish man Rob O’Rourke, Turbo Talk for Tinder allows you to match faster by swiping automatically and create auto-greetings that can be sent to hundreds of matches at once... So it's very efficient altogether.

The app also allows users to modify their location to anywhere in the world (which could be handy if, say, you know you’re going on holidays sometime soon) and change your mind on past swipes (to combat the dreaded accidental swipe left).

Take a look at the video below explaining the app.

There is a 24-hours free trial and after that it’s just $3.99 to buy. To download Turbo Talk for Tinder, click here.

Can you see anyone you know using this?

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