This Magazine Cover Sums Up The Referendum – And Ireland – In One Perfect Headline

Nailed it


The so-called 'old media' may be redundant when it comes to breaking news, and live reporting of amazing days like last week's referendum result. After all, by the time the Saturday editions went to print, there was nothing to tell us; and by the time the Sunday editions went to print, all had been told.

However, when it comes to taking a step back and pulling together a broader picture of events, there's nothing quite like a fantastic and striking cover image to hammer home the import of events.

This particular one – from the Weekend Review in this weekend's Indo – is a case in point. A fantastic juxtaposition, and an ingenious headline, that really brought back the all-too-familiar lump in the throat from last week. And better again, it was met with approval from none other than the cover star herself.

Well played, lads.