Here's Why This 'Moone Boy' Star Has Just Appeared In A Heathrow Airport Training Video

A lot of kids will love him for this


Chris O'Dowd has just appeared in a Heathrow Airport training video to teach their staff how to deal with a set of kids that he has a special affinity for.

The Moone Boy star lent his talents to the airport's video to instruct them in how to deal with kids with imaginary friends.

The beloved Irish actor was asked for his services after a study revealed that 35% of children have imaginary friends, and 68% of those children like to bring their invisible chums on holiday with them.

O'Dowd, who plays an imaginary friend on Moone Boy, suggests during his voiceover tutorial that the best way for staff to treat an imaginary friend is as if they were a real person.

You can watch the video for yourself below.

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