This New 'Sizzl' Dating App Matches Couples Based On Their Love Of Bacon



A dating app launched this week that matches couple based on their shared love of bacon.

Like other dating apps, Sizzl matches you with people nearby based on your preferences. Adjust your settings for age and distance and if you match with someone a chat opens, allowing you to exchange messages for up to seven days.

Unlike other dating apps, the matching criteria is based solely upon bacon-related questions, such as, "How do you like you bacon cooked?"


Skipping the bullshit and getting straight to the important stuff

Instead of swiping right, you indicate your interest by holding down the 'like' button, how long you hold it indicates your level of interest.

While it may seem like a joke by the Oscar Mayer team who created it (who are also responsible for an alarm clock that emits the scent of bacon), it really isn’t, this is an honest-to-God functional dating app and you can download it here.

But what do you reckon, can a lasting relationship be built on a foundation of pork?


We certainly believe so

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