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20th Dec 2016

This Nutella Pop-Up Is Happening Soon And We’d Desperately Love To Go


This Nutella pop-up is happening soon and we desperately wanna go.

The City Lane, an Australian food blog, has been planning this pop-up for several months, and now that their recipe tasting phase is complete, they’re ready to unleash their luscious creations on the Nutella crazed people of Melbourne.

Among the drool-inducing treats they’re offering are Nutella peanut butter s’mores, Nutella salted caramel chocolate truffle, and Nutella & maple syrup tart with smoked hickory Italian meringue.


They look as good as they sound


The organisers of the pop-up said:

This isn’t sponsored by Nutella, it’s just us sharing something we love with all of you (well actually all of us except Lauren – despite being the one who came up with the recipes she ironically has a severe nut allergy).

The food blog will be sharing behind the scenes videos in the days ahead of the pop-up, and you can follow them on Snapchat (thecitylane) to indulge in some premium food porn.

If you know anybody in Melbourne (because of course you do) who might want to check out this pop-up, they can find it this Saturday September 12, from 9am at The Alehouse Project, 100 Lygon Street, Brunswick East.

Now if someone could just bring this idea to Dublin, that’d be great.