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20th Dec 2016

Tipp Top Premier County, Superior Southside And Red Ed: This Week’s 10 Most-Read Articles


Miss out on something good this week?

Never fear. As always on a Sunday night, we’ve got you covered…

1. The Tipp-Top Premier County

We’re all about Dublin, but every so often we hand over the keys of the site to a dissenting view – this week, Seán Kenehan gave us a couple of reasons why the Premier County is better than the capital.


1 1

2. Superior Southside

Meanwhile, deputy editor Fíodhna was busy pitting the two sides of the city against one another. Troublemaker.


3. Ireland The Beautiful

But hey. Here’s something we can all agree on…


4. Ireland The Not-So-Beautiful

Let’s just say we’re glad we already have a home…


5. Along The Banks Of The Royal Canal

What a lineup, as the biggest male star in the world right now was joined by Glen Hansard and Kodaline to crack out this old Irish favourite…


6. Stamping Out The Cigs

This is what happens when people SMOKE IN YOUR FACE.


7. Horrible Hate Mail

Grim. Seriously grim.

6 1

8. The Japanese: A Great Bunch Of Lads

But of course.

7 1

9. *sniff*

Not crying. Chopping onions.

8 1

10. Sweet Deal

Yeah, that’ll do nicely…