Turkish Police Tried To Crush A Pride Parade With Water Cannons – And Accidentally Created A Rainbow

What. A. Photo.


Sometimes we're reminded just how lucky we are to live in this country.

Not only did we vote overwhelmingly in favour of same-sex marriage just last month, sending a powerful message out to the world about how we're progressed – but we also boasted an incredible Pride festival over the weekend. So go us.

Other places, however, remain steadfastly not-cool-bro.

Like Istanbul, for example, where this year's Pride parade was refused permission to march because it coincided with Ramadan. Undeterred, the gay community and its supporters went ahead with the march in the face of rubber bullets and water cannons.

And amid the chaos, one marcher managed to snap this perfect picture of a rainbow forming from the powerful jets...


The photo was uploaded to Reddit and it has, somewhat predictably, taken over the internet. It doesn't detract from the brutality the marchers endured at the hands of authorities by any means – but in the darkest of times, these are the small symbolic wins that get people through.

An Alanis Morrisette classic comes to mind here. What was it called again?

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