Want A Health Boost To Kick Off Your Week? Then Stay The Hell Away From The Deep-Fried Big Mac

We're lovin' it


If you're the kind of person who likes their cholesterol with cholesterol on top, look no further.

We give you the deep-fried Big Mac; a 1,000-calorie behemoth that makes the original Big Mac looks like a kelp smoothie.

Food blogger Jeremy of PeepMeEats.com offers a breakdown of his process:

  • Start by scrambling two eggs in a bowl
  • Dip your Big Mac in the eggs until it's completely covered and use a toothpick to hold it together
  • Use Panko crumbs to bread the Big Mac
  • Repeat steps two and three
  • Deep-fry the Big Mac and cook until golden brown

Of course, you were too busy salivating to read those instructions so check out the video...

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Sean Kenehan