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25th Aug 2017

Workers Are Put Off By Colleagues Who Eat Stinky Food For Lunch, Survey Says


Workers all over are finding it difficult to do their job due to their colleagues eating smelly food for lunch – this ‘smelly food’ includes fish, cheese or eggs, so a study in the UK has found.

A survey of 1,000 office workers in the UK found that almost two thirds of them eat their lunch at their desk most of the week.

Two fifths agreed that they were too busy to take a proper lunch break, while over half deemed colleagues who eat strong-smelling food as anti-social.

The smelliest of culprits was said to be oily fish such as mackerel or sardines. Cheese and eggs came in a close second, however, fewer than one in five workers ask a colleague to eat somewhere else.

Buttered toast topped the list of the best-smelling food, followed in second place by fresh pastries and a bacon sandwich. 

Do you find this is a problem in your office?

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