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You Can Now Get Lollipops That Actively Keep Your Teeth Clean

By fiodhna_hm

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


What is it?

Zollipops are sweet treats – lollipops, obviously – that help maintain a healthy PH balance in your mouth after eating actively reducing tooth decay. You can even eat one after you’ve had a sugary snack, to help reduce the damage. It's almost as good as brushing your teeth/

Why haven’t I heard of it until now?

Zollipops are a really new product from the US, with a sickly sweet back-story about a kid who just wanted to be a ‘good older sister and friend’. But putting all that (and their company name, LOL. No really, they’re called LOL) aside, this could be the start of a new wave of healthy sweets that actively keep your teeth and mouth healthy.


Is it good for me?

If you believe the hype, then yes, as they are low in sugar, and protect you oral hygiene. Instead of sugar, they have xylitol, stevia and erythritol, and like all ‘sugar-free’ sweeteners, these have their downsides. Though demonstrably not as bad as white sugar and with significantly few calories, they still raise blood sugars, and have been known to have adverse effects on your stomach and blood pressure when consumed regularly. But in an occasional lollipop? Probably fine.


How much will it cost?

They’re not available in Ireland just yet, but you can pick up a pack of 25 (perfect for kids’ parties) for less than a tenner on Amazon. Alternatively check out other health-conscious snacks made in Ireland, like Veronica’s Snacks.

What does it taste like?

Just like lollies!



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