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Your Check List For The Ultimate Superbowl Party

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


The Superbowl has quite recently become a big deal in Ireland – due to it being a competitive sport based around men killing each other, oh, and it goes well with a pint. 

Superbowl Sunday is today, and for those of you not looking to enjoy the game in one of the many establishments showing it, a Superbowl party is just the ticket for you.

Follow these nine steps and you can't go wrong. 

1. Bucket filled with ice

Important, during very intense match moments to keep beers cool, and heads cooler. 

Shutterstock 315990479

2. Plenty of ice

This will help with aforementioned cooling of the beer, and will go nicely with the bucket.

New AssetFile

3. Beer

The final piece of the puzzle.

Maybe a few non-alcoholic beers, just incase someone is planning on driving home.

Shutterstock 284297423

4. Fizzy drinks

Either for mixers, or, once again, drivers.

Shutterstock 296516573

5. Bottle openers

Don't be that guy.

Shutterstock 22283935

6. Food, and lots of it

Remember who you're cooking for (if they have allergies, intolerances etc) and pile up all the treats you can think of.


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7. Crisps, all kinds

Crisps are love, crisps are life.

Shutterstock 324899987

8. Ample seating

No one wants to watch the match standing. Crack out the old beanbag if you have to.

Shutterstock 266870141

9. And finally – napkins

Because you're an adult. And shit's gonna get real.

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