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18th Dec 2019

Free lunch for all Colms and Catrionas at this Dublin pub until the weekend

Darragh Murphy

Free lunch for Colms and Catrionas at The Back Page

Perhaps you’ll see Colm Meaney or Catriona Power claiming their free lunch at The Back Page this week.

In the latest edition of a regular offer that The Back Page pub puts on for certain names, all Colms and Catrionas will be given a free lunch for the rest of the work week.

The popular Phibsborough bar was recently packed with Alexs and Amys when the offer was rolled out for them. Brendans and Billies were next to be given the chance to claim a complimentary lunch.

And it is now the turn of the Colm and Catriona in your life to avail of some free lunchtime grub.

All you have to do is provide valid ID to prove that you are indeed a Colm or a Catriona and you will not have to pay for your lunch, which is available from 12pm to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Another interesting deal that is currently taking place at The Back Page is in relation to their book club.

For the rest of the year, if you pop into the pub with a book that you would like to leave at The Back Page’s book club, the bar staff will swap the book for a drink.

To check out the full lunch menu, visit