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28th Jul 2022

Sirloin steak for 98p and more on this Dublin food menu from 1972

Fiona Frawley

exterior of the Gresham hotel in dublin

If there’s anything that could further emphasise the ever-rising cost of living and general foreboding presence of inflation, it’s the resurfacing of a 1970s food menu.

In a recent tweet, content advisor Karen Berry shared a food menu for the Gresham Hotel in Dublin circa 1972 – and you can guarantee that back then there were locals up in arms about paying a whole 5p for a cup of coffee. Cue James Blunt song about wishing we were back in 1973, please DJ.

The full menu can be seen below but highlights definitely include the cream of chicken soup for 12p, a fry up for 45p and a selection of cheeses (cheddar, camembert or Danish blue) for 15p a pop.

At this time in Ireland, the average wage was the equivalent of about €30. A high level of inflation throughout the 70s contributed to nominal average earnings growth of 18% per annum. Despite this high inflation, average earnings increased at a faster pace than the cost of goods and services, with real earnings increasing by an average of 4.8% per annum.

Comments under the tweet recall the Gresham being the “poshest place in town”, and “out of the range of ‘ordinary people'”, indicating that you’d probably have been able to get a meal for much less at other Dublin eateries.

Anything to be said for a return to these prices for a one-day-only type event at the Gresham? I call dibs on the 50p lamb cutlets.

Header image via Instagram/riuplazadublin

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