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14th Jun 2021

Uno Mas can help you up your barbecue game with these delish grill kits

Fiona Frawley

The people of Ireland love a BBQ. We all have fond memories of our dads in dodgy aprons scorching sausages within an inch of their lives and serving up brown bits of char that once resembled a steak.

Served of course with the obligatory summer salad of lettuce leaves, grated cheese, torn up ham and a boiled egg.

I mean… what’s not to love. Every charcoal ridden chicken fillet is a pillar of Irish society. However, if you are looking to go in a different direction, these kits from Uno Mas have you covered.

Since opening in 2019, Uno Mas has quickly established itself as one of Dublin’s top foodie spots. And if you’re looking to bring some tasty Spanish vibes into your casa, one of their Parilla takeaway kits could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Available for two or four people, the parilla (barbecue in Spanish for those who didn’t take up Duo Lingo over lockdown) menu comes with starter nibbles, deliciously marinaded meats and most importantly, instructions for how to prepare it all on your own barbecue. They also give instructions for preparing indoors in your oven, just in case you don’t get the Spanish weather you’re hoping for. They have you completely covered! You won’t even need to pick up a questionable tub of coleslaw for the side.

Get ordering for next weekend here , pop open the rosé and pretend you’re on holidays. You deserve it.

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