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03rd Apr 2021

11 Easter Bank Holiday eats that we need to try this weekend

Lynda Keogh

FINALLY. It’s here! The long weekend has arrived, and it’s going to be (predictably) chocolate filled.. 

I feel like it’s been a looooooong time coming, but the long weekend has landed, and this means we have an extra few days to scout the delicious eats of this weekend!

We’re going heavy on the chocolate and sweet stuff this week, so be warned you will likely experience a visual sugar rush. Don’t worry we have balanced it out with a few notable savoury must-tries!

So let’s get started…

Cali Kitchen 

If you stop here and don’t scroll on, I will 100% understand. This is a brownie dough and Cadbury’s Creme Egg scotch egg. Yes. A perfect Creme Egg enrobed in glorious brownie batter and deep-fried. We really didn’t think that Creme Eggs could be any better, but this certainly proves us wrong. Hands down a must try!

Deadly Bagel 

This whopper pastrami bagel will give you all the NYC vibes in Dublin, coupled with the half decent weather we have at the moment – I’ll take that whisper of New York anyway. This looks absolute delish, you can order ahead of time online and head down to Baste BBQ on Sunday if it’s in your 5km!

Goat’s Gruff 

Mini deep-dish chocolate chip cookie pies topped with a Cadbury’s Creme Egg from Cookie Bro. Oh. Holy. God. Fancy sending one over my way? These guys are just sliiiighty outside my 5km, but if you’re lucky enough to have these guys as a local – RUN, run now and get one of these.


Circa have just announced that they are extending their opening hours, serving up coffees, treats and incredible sambos like this one. A sambo and a stroll, it’s definitely starting to feel like a bit of summer now.

Off Beat Donuts

If you’re not feeling all the choco-vibes, this cute Easter chick ring donut could be the treat for you! How cute, these would also make a nice gift too!


Fia’s famous chicken rolls are baaaaaaack! Get down quick and sink your teeth into one of these, we would highly recommend!

Dash Container

Half a chocolate egg filled with soft-serve ice cream, and then a rake load of toppings piled on top. Toppings include Smarties and crushed Oreos. Yup, sounds pretty delish to us too. This one is probably for sharing, and could be a nice treat to finish up a walk in the Phoenix Park.

Brother Hubbard North

Warm cheesy croquettas in a homemade bread roll. This sounds and looks veryyyy tasty – we’ll just have to try this! You can get a pulled ham version, or go veggie too. Something for everyone! But be quick, we’ve heard they’re very popular!

East Road Cafe 

This fudgey gooey white chocolate and walnut blondie looks absolutely insane. Love a good chocolate and nut combo, this one looks particularly good *chef’s kiss*

Cob Coffee Company 

Cob are serving some delicious chocolate Creme Egg cupcakes from our pals at The Cupcake Bloke. Absolute perfection. Make sure to pick up a coffee here too!

Love Supreme

Fancy a Bank Hol Bap? Love Supreme have got you covered on that one! Their veggie bap consists of a mouthwatering combination of Toonsbridge halloumi, a fried egg both smothered in Love Supreme’s very own delicious pickles,  relish and aioli. Oh yes please!

Lead Images via Instagram/cobcoffeecompany and Instagram/deadly.bagel.dublin

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