11 Monster Steaks You Have To Try In Dublin Before Summer Is Out

Are you fit to tackle these?

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It's probably best if vegetarians to look away right about now, as there are some serious hunks of beef in this post... 

Most people love a good steak and  Dublin has lots on offer, which is not surprising in a country full of cows eating green, green grass. 

We've sifted through all the average steaks to bring you the following 11 outstanding steaks. So find yourself a dining partner and get going.

Game on...

1. Darwins 

These guys have been doing killer steaks for as long as we can remember. Fans of it will rave about it, whilst simultaneously trying to keep it a secret. Cooked exactly to your liking every time.

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2. Asador 

They don't mess around in here with huge portions, and all the meat flame-grilled to give it extra flavour. With a new venue on Dawson Street, it means you have no excuse not to visit. 

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3. Featherblade 

You know when a restaurant only specialises in one type of meat, and on one particular cut it is going to be bloody good. Has to be tasted to be believed.

4. Beeftro

Couple of locations with one just off Grafton Street and one in Dundrum. As the name would suggest, they focus on beef and do it amazingly well. The burgers are great but their steaks are just the business.

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5. The Butcher's Grill

This spot has been setting the standards for amazing steaks in Dublin for years and still one of the very best. They have various special cuts and meats to share, so expect an absolute feast.

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6. Brookwood 

classic steakhouse in style. They serve an amazing T-Bone steak for two people and which comes with all the trimmings. Absolutely superb.

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7. The Chop House 

Gorgeous location which makes it the perfect place to get an epic steak if you're heading to a match in the Aviva. Big portions and seriously succulent meat.

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8. FX Buckley Parkgate Street 

They have butchers shops around the city and some of the best steakhouses going. The standard is high in all of their outlets, but this nice cosy pub setting down by the Phoenix Park is pure perfection.

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9. Locks 

I said at the time it was the best meal I'd eaten all year and that wasn't a lie. The steak is what made the meal sing with incredible meat and the most wonderful sauce.

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10. Shanahan's 

At the very top end of the market, so it's obviously somewhere to save for special occasions. When you taste the quality of the meat and sides whilst experienceing the amazing service, you'll know it's worth every penny. 

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11. San Lorenzo's 

Best known for their brunch but do a mean steak as well. They often have great offers on their premium cuts on Sundays and Mondays so keep an eye on their social for deals.

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