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05th Nov 2021

8 Dublin spots where you can get a stack of pancakes

Katy Thornton

What better way is there to start the morning?

Weekend mornings, or afternoons, whatever you fancy, are for pancakes. A big steaming plate of pancakes. Somehow all feels right with the world once you’ve finished a pile of delicious pancakes (unless you’re Sabrina the Teenage Witch if anyone remembers that particularly weird episode). If you’re on the hunt this weekend, and don’t want to make them yourself (which is so fair), then we’ve got just the pancake places for you.

1. One Society

Location: Mountjoy

Brunch is served 10am to 3pm at this pancake place. Photographed is One Society’s Kinder Bueno pancakes, with a side of caramel and Nutella. Sunday mornings pair perfectly with pancakes such as these.

2. Pineapple Pink

Location: Malahide

Pineapple Pink has a ton of toppings for you to choose from, so you can make your pancake stack your own. They open 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

3. Póg

Multiple Locations

You can’t have a pancake list without the masters. Póg provides a variety of toppings, syrups, fruit, etc… for their iconic pancake stacks. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with what you order here.

4. South Bank Café

Location: Harold’s Cross

Pancakes are on the menu every weekend at South Bank Café in Harold’s Cross. They do two variations, one with hokey pokey butter, honeycomb, mascarpone cream, and maple syrup, and another with seasonal berries and whipped maple butter.

5. Douglas and Kaldi

Location: Dundrum

Located in Dundrum Town Centre, Douglas and Kaldi is a haven for weekend brunch. Check out their take on Kinder Bueno pancakes, with strawberries and actual Kinder Bueno bars on top.

6. Vanilla Pod Eatery

Multiple Locations

Make sure to ring ahead to one of The Vanilla Pod’s eateries to book a table as they’re often busy over the weekend making amazing breakfast and brunch for their customers. These thick American style pancakes are just one of the many gorge items that they serve.

7. Urban Health

Location: Ranelagh

You cannot beat lemon and sugar pancakes. Urban Health in Ranelagh do a few pancakes variations, including this delightful plate. They also have high protein versions as well as vegan pancakes.

8. Evolve Eatery

Location: Clondalkin

Biscoff protein pancakes. With a rose on top. Need we say more about this stack from Evolve Eatery? We think not.

Where is your favourite place to get pancakes in Dublin?

Header image via Instagram/douglas_and_kaldi

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