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20th Dec 2019

A slick new restaurant has just opened in Grand Canal Dock

Alan Fisher

Pizza from Mackenzie's in Grand Canal Dock

This slick new restaurant has just opened in Grand Canal Dock and we got a first look.

Unlike our regular Early Doors segment, this was a sponsored first glimpse at the hottest new spot in Grand Canal Dock.

Say hello to Mackenzie’s:

As you can see, Mackenzie’s is pretty slick.

Their interior is decked out with studded leather, a classy bar and even a rowing boat hanging from the roof.

On top of that, it looks out into the dock and you can even get a glimpse of the Aviva from some of the seats.

Yes, the place looks great but what did I eat?

I managed to get my hands on a few things including salmon & avocado rolls, cheese & bacon burger and Mackenzie’s pizza.

I started off with the pizza which was topped with mushrooms, pear and blue cheese.

It had it all and the base was perfect for me. It had that soft dough that we can find in the likes of Pi and Ritas. These are two of my favorites in Dublin so that’s a massive compliment.

Next up was the sushi.

Sushi isn’t normally my jam so it has to be good and this very much was.

Fresh salmon mixed with avocado dipped in a bit of wasabi and I was a happy man.

Finally, and maybe growing a bit adventurous as I was a little full by that stage, was the cheese & bacon burger.

As you can see from the video, this was a big burger that was hard to even get my hands around.

Topped with the usual toppings, sauce, and delicious melted cheese. If you manage to get your hands around this bad boy, you will love it.

The bar is pretty cool and I washed all this down with a Turn Around cocktail which could be the nicest cocktail I’ve ever tasted.

Make sure you check out this slick new restaurant in Grand Canal Dock.