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22nd Aug 2020

A wine and cheese shop is coming to the Bernard Shaw

Megan Cassidy

Just as we were about to sign off for the day… Eatyard drops a doozy.

The much-loved street food market has been faced with its share of challenges in the pandemic, but they are fighting back with two of the best weapons known to mankind…. wine and cheese.

They’ve just announced that although their famed Wine and Cheese Festival can’t go ahead this year for obvious reasons, they are ‘moving with times’ and bringing a wine and cheese ‘bar/shop’ to The Bernard Shaw.

See below:

The new spot offers online ordering and delivery, as well as dine in option for tables of six or less.

The idea behind Eatyard’s Wine and Cheese Festival has always been to celebrate the delicious pairings without the intimidation factor.

Their website reads:

‘The aim was to host a festival for wine & cheese fans, that had all the fun without the intimidation and a stellar selection of boutique wine and cheese vendors selling stuff you’ll want to drink and buy. For 2019 we wanted a bigger, plusher location hence our move to the Iveagh Gardens – we couldn’t think of a better spot for quaffing wine and cheese in town.

‘Our 2020 festival was put on ice due to the Covid 19 Pandemic but we are eagerly planning for 2021!’

Luckily we won’t have to wait as long as expected to enjoy some tasty morsels.

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