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23rd Mar 2021

Anyone from Croatia can get a free burger at this Dublin spot all week

Sarah Finnan

free burger

Calling all Croats in Dublin. Fancy a free burger this week? Course ya do. Well, one Dublin spot has one with your name on it.

Read on for more.

Part of their ‘Nice Burger world tour’, a post on their website explains the concept.

“We’re going around the world in 80… countries. Each week we pick a country and everyone from there gets a free burger. Easy as that.”

How does one qualify? Well, you have to be from the chosen country, for one. Just enter your email over on their website, they’ll send you a code and then you can use that at any of the participating Nice Burger venues (The Bernard Shaw, The Lighthouse in Dun Laoghaire or out at Jam Park in Swords).

ID is required though so make sure to bring your passport along to prove where you’re from. This may be the only chance you get to use your passport for a while so enjoy the experience… you’ll be running on adrenaline from that alone.

Header image via Instagram/Nice Burger 

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