Bunsen has ranked very highly in the 'Best Burgers In Europe' list for 2020

By James Fenton

January 16, 2020 at 9:44am


Big 7 Travel has released its 50 Best Burgers In Europe 2020 list and for the second year running, Dublin's very own Bunsen has been ranked in seventh position.

The popular chain maintains its spot largely because us locals are 'obsessed' with it, according to Big 7. In the blurb written on Bunsen, there is a nod to the restaurant's famous tiny menu, handed out on a small card, 'where you can choose exactly how you want your beef burger to be cooked.'

The Bunsen team are also commended for making their own buns while their creamy shakes also get a mention, being described as 'an added bonus'.

Impressively, Bunsen isn't the only Irish representation in Big 7's list, with Handsome Burger in Galway also ranking highly in 20th position. Referred to as a 'rising star in the west of Ireland', if you haven't made the trip as of yet, you really have no excuse any more. You can read more about Handsome Burger's inclusion here.


As for the burger joints that kept Bunsen from finishing higher? Sixth position was given to Bamba Marha Burger Bar in Budapest, Flippin' Burgers in Stockholm came fifth and VLND Burger was selected in fourth.

The top three was made up of Goiko Grill in Valencia in third, Burger and Beyond in London in second and the top spot went to the hopefully not aptly-named Sad Man's Tongue Bar & Bistro in Prague.

Bunsen currently has six locations in Dublin, namely South Anne Street, Ranelagh, Temple Bar, Wexford Street, Dame Street and the recently-opened branch on Baggot Street. As well as that, they also have spots in Cork, Belfast and even Barcelona.

You can view Big 7's full 50 Best Burgers In Europe 2020 list here but be warned, make sure to have a tissue nearby. You will be salivating.