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23rd Aug 2023

Coffee shops Dublin – Where to go to get your fix


Coffee culture in Dublin has flourished in the last few years

We’ve come a long way from suffering through bitter astringent coffees from coffee chains that will remain nameless. The number of incredible indie coffee shops that have appeared in the last few years is nothing short of incredible, but it’s abundantly clear that Dubliners can’t function without their caffeine.

One of the nicest things about independent coffee shops, however, is that they’re something a bit different to your average Starbucks clone cup of joe with some randomer’s name written on it. The variety independent spots offer in their blends, the often abundance of home-baked treats and the smaller, local feel all add up to make independently-owned cafes take hold of a very special place in our hearts. They’ve dosed us up with caffeine on our very worst hungover days, they’ve warmed us up after a wet walk home and they’ve been there every lazy Sunday morning when we just want to read a book over a steaming cup of joe.

These are ten of our favourite independent coffee shops in Dublin at the moment:

10. Søren & Son

2 Dean Street, The Liberties, more info here

The team at Søren & Son know their coffee, in fact you’ll want to do your homework because you’ll be asked what bean you want before every order- if you are stuck the El Salvador is beautiful. They’ve a lot of more unusual coffees available too, things involving beetroot, lavender and even apple. The space is beautiful, all clean lines, white finish and shiny coffee appliances.

9.  Vice Coffee

54 Middle Abbey Street, more info here

This spot nestled inside Wigwam on Middle Abbey Street is one of the few places to get a coffee on the later side in town, and it’s not just any coffee, the team take their coffee extremely seriously with a rolling lineup of roasters that frequently change.

Masters at Irish coffee- it’s been a delight to see them popping up slinging them at some high-profile festivals the last while.

8. Proper Order

7 Haymarket, Smithfield more info here

This is not your average coffee shop, the team at Proper Order have a large variety of bins and they know how to use them. The award-winning baristas make some of the tastiest and most aroma-rich cups of coffee in town, beautifully roasted and brewed espresso with perfectly steamed milk. They do some incredible pastries and bread made up by sister company No Messin’. Only drawback is they are takeaway only with nowhere to sit and enjoy your coffee.

7. Kaph

Dublin 2’s 31 Drury Street, more info here

Kaph has topped manys a list like this through the years, the award-winning spot on Drury Street has long been tipped as one of the best spots for a cup of coffee in the city. Set over two floors, while the tables and primary school-style chairs could never be called generous they are plentiful. This a solid example of the American-style Third-wave coffee movement, typified by the speciality beans that are handled by well-trained baristas. They’ve got a solid selection of pastries and cakes too- with some of the city’s best paleo cafe options.

6. Indigo and Cloth

Temple Bar’s 9 Essex Street, more info here

You would be forgiven that this blue-hued spot on Essex Street was just a super cool men’s garb shop, but the space is also a speciality cafe (and interior and women’s clothing!). Wildly considered to be an island of calm in the crush of Temple Bar, the space is a relaxed one staffed by a super kind and helpful team. They’ve selected some great bean suppliers and are one of the few places in the area to truly nail an espresso- you can always expect some great art if you opt for a milky coffee.

5. Network

39 Aungier Street, more info here 

You have to commend the team behind Network, who work hard to bring out the best of the city with the tools at their disposal. At night their sleek cafe plays host to All Good Wine Bar, which alongside selling natty wines, gives up-and-coming DJs a chance to spin and chefs who are without a permanent location a chance to cook. The super-friendly team has created a calm relaxed atmosphere, perfect for an informal work meeting or a long-overdue catchup. Coffee is smooth, balanced with a touch of sweetness, served up in delicate cups that make you appreciate every sip.

4. The Morning

49-50 Pleasants Street, Dublin 8 more info here 

The artist formerly known as Meet Me in the Morning, the team do a roaring trade out of their hatch on Pleasants Street, where customers are honour-bound to order a pastry to go with with their coffee. The team have recently claimed back the space beside which once held a restaurant, and converted it back into a cafe with two seats out the front which have to be in the best suntrap in town. The coffee is sophisticated, polished and always perfectly balanced as you might expect from a specialty multiroaster cafe. They do their coffees on the cooler end so if you like it a touch hotter- just ask!

3. Groundstate Coffee

48- 50 James Street, The Liberties more info here

The team at Groundstate packs a lot into their space on James Street, operating as roasters, cafe and sometimes a yoga studio. They have phenomenal speciality coffee, with prompt and welcoming staff who do their best to accommodate everyone, there’s always a great mix of people in the space with builders rubbing shoulders with tourists who have gotten waylaid on route to the Storehouse. They have an incredible lunch and brunch menu including one of the best vegan lunch options you are likely to find in the city.

2. Clement & Pekoe

50 South William Street and 24-25 Blessington Street, more info here

While they market themselves as coffee and tea sellers, many will know them for their exemplary cups of coffee. Stocking direct-trade coffee from the likes of Imbibe and Climpsons & Sons, offering espresso-based drinks with milk alternatives, alongside filter coffee like V60, French press, Aeropress, Chemex as well as batch brew. There’s loads of seating down the back and on a sunny day, there’s no better place to watch the world go by, than with a flattie in hand and a bum on the bench outside.

1 Shoe Lane

Tara Street and Dun Laoghaire more info here

Consistency is key at Shoe Lane, after working around the corner of their Tara Street spot a couple of years back I can attest that they do not miss, each cup is balanced, measured and consistently good as the last. The staff at their sun-lit spot on Tara Street create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, amid the DIY paired back interiors. The spot upstairs is also second to none if you need to blast out a bit of work on the go, there is always a steady stream of people in there but you can invariably grab a spot.

Have we missed any? Let us know on [email protected]

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