This New Pop-Up Café Was Opened By An Irish Celebrity In Temple Bar Today

Our Table was launched in an effort to highlight the need to end Direct Provision

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Irish actor Stephen Rea opened Dublin's newest pop-up today.

Our Table is located in the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar and aims to highlight the desperate need to end Direct Provision in Ireland. 

Seven ex-asylum seekers shall be part-working-part-learning in the café. The pop-up hopes to teach them hospitality skills in a professional working environment, as well as equipping them with useful food preparation and barista knowledge.

Those in Direct Provision are not allowed to cook for themselves which makes the opening of the café all the more poignant.

The project was founded by activists Ellie Kisyombe and Michelle Darmody in the aspiration that one day Direct Provision will come to an end in Ireland. Our Table is non-profit and simply wants to assist those coming out of Direct Provision and entering into the world of work.

You can stop by the café any time between 10am and 4pm or visit their website for more information.

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