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Here's The Perfect Spot To Watch The World Go By With A Cuppa

By seank

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


What am I drinking?

Mango Tango.

Where am I drinking it?

Dwarf Jar, a criminally undervalued spot at the corner of Parliament Street and Wellington Quay just at Grattan Bridge. It’s small, only a handful of tables, but it's bright and cheerful and has a high ceiling and enormous windows, making it perfect for watching the busy world go by as you sip tea or coffee and enjoy one of their delicious pastries.

Tea 1

What does it look like?

This is a black tea with mango pieces and yellow flowers, so the tea itself is dark with bright splashes of yellow, and the resultant brew is a delicious-looking deep orange. Dwarf Jar’s teapots are small, with only really room for one or two cups-worth, but they’re unusual and really cute.

What does it taste like?

Despite looking like a pretty strong brew, this is really light on flavour, almost like a first flush green tea. The mango and flowers are not at all strong, so this would actually work almost just as well with milk and sugar, just like a normal black tea. It does get quite bitter when left steeping, so best to pour after just a couple of minutes.

Tea 2
Tea 3

What effect does it have?

I’m not exactly dancing – Mango Tango doesn’t leave much of an impression, being honest. You drink it while reading and watching the bustle and traffic outside the window, and it might well be finished by the time you remember to pay attention to it.

Where can I get it?

Dwarf Jar don’t advertise where they get their teas from, just using the old glass jars on a shelf approach and no menus – though their coffee menu is pretty extensive. This one seems (thanks to its recognisable and Google-able name) to be another Suki Tea, so keep an eye out for it at other Suki stockists, or online.

Is it worth the try?

It doesn’t make much of an impact, but sitting here with a tea and a book or a podcast is just a lovely experience, so you could definitely do worse than forking out the €2.50.

Tea 4

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