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11th Sep 2019

Coke Lane Pizza Has Just Come Out With Its Own Gluten Free Pizza Bases

Sarah Finnan

The gluten-free pizza scene in Dublin just got a whole lot better as Coke Lane Pizza at Lucky’s Bar has just come out with its very own recipe.

Those with a gluten intolerance often lament the lack of gluten-free pizza options available to them. And any that do exist are only subpar, tasting more like cardboard than real dough. I think we can all agree that coeliacs have a pretty tough time of it, though not being a sufferer myself, I can only empathise.

Well, good news. After lots of research, experimentation and recipe testing the guys at Coke Lane have finally nailed their own gluten-free dough recipe. Deciding not to opt for what they describe as “pre-made and par-baked bases”, they’ve taken the time to do it right.

Their recipe combines rice flour and chestnut flour to produce a bread-like texture and there’s even that all-important air pocket in the crust. Revolutionary stuff.

They do warn that while all the necessary precautions are taken to keep the gluten-free pizzas separate, they are prepared in the same kitchen and cooked in the same oven as the other pizzas so they can’t guarantee a completely gluten-free environment.

Only weirdoughs don’t like pizza. (I’ll see myself out.)

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