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31st Mar 2018

Deliveroo Would Have Us Believe Their New Feature Allows You To “Smell” Your Food Through The App

Megan Cassidy

Nice try, Deliveroo. 

The April Fool’s messing has already begun, with brands already trying to catch us out a day in advance it seems. 

Food delivery service, Deliveroo, would have us all believe that their new ‘Try Before You Buy’ feature allows you to smell and taste your food before you order, to combat the decision fatigue that customers are experiencing when they’re trying to choose a meal. 

According to the press release: 

‘After updating the Deliveroo app to the latest version (iOs ApRf00L), customers will have access to two brand new forms of in-app food sampling – smell and taste – so you can flick through your favourite restaurants’ menus and get a whiff of what’s on offer before you commit to purchasing.’ 

April Folly, Product Developer at Deliveroo, commented: “At Deliveroo we’re always looking for the best ways that technology can enhance a customer’s food experience, so we’re really excited to launch the Try Before You Buy feature.  For the first time ever, customers will be able to have a digital taster of their favourite dishes before committing, to make sure they’re 100% happy with their selection.”

We reckon these jokes will get old fairly rapidly, but we said we’d give a bit of air time for the first one. Good effort, Deliveroo. Rascals. 

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