Doritos Have Just Launched An 'Ultimate Cheeseburger' Flavour And We're Kinda Intrigued

The potential.

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Everyone's favourite nuclear-coloured tortilla chips have come out with two brand new flavours. The first is a pretty standard 'Sizzling Salsa', but the second is 'Ultimate Cheeseburger'...

According to Doritos website, 'Ultimate Cheeseburger' has "the juicy taste of a perfectly grilled burger covered in slowly melting cheese (and) just the right amount of pickle for a classic American Cheeseburger taste, with the satisfying crunch of a Dorito." 

Right so... We're kinda disgusted, but also kinda intrigued?

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Both flavours will be available in Ireland for a limited time, before Doritos get rid of one of the flavours.

It's up the public which flavour will be here to stay - all you have to do is tweet them @DoritosIreland telling them whether you’d destroy #DoritosA or #DoritosB and how you would do it.

We're going to have to try those Cheeseburger Doritos purely for ~research~ purposes, obvs.

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