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14th Feb 2019

PIC: Dublin Restaurant Introduces Aphrodisiac Pizza For Valentine’s Day That Will Literally Blow Your Mind

Darragh Berry

Whether you’re a single-pringle or spending Valentine’s with someone special, you need to try this pizza.

Rascals HQ which is home to independent Dublin craft brewery Rascals Brewing Co have introduced a pizza for Valentine’s Day that will blow your mind, literally.

They have released a special aphrodisiac pizza February 14th and it sounds and looks delicious.

The pizza is put together with chorizo, avocado and fresh chilli and is aptly called: The Ride.

Valentines Pizza Overhead

Rascals HQ pizza chef Patrick Browne said about the new pizza that:

“The three main ingredients in The Ride are held in high regard in terms of having aphrodisiac properties.

“For example, chilli peppers release adrenaline in the brain, which is considered an aphrodisiac, and eating spicy food such as chilli peppers also produces endorphins, which can cause excitability and pleasure.

“Chilli has long been regarded as having the spicy wherewithal to increase libido!”

We’ll never look at a chilli in the same way again.

“Firstly, chorizo contains high levels of protein and zinc, which are said to help in the production of testosterone.

“Secondly, erectile function is assisted through an abundance of nitric oxide and certain nutrients found in avocados, such as folic acid and vitamins C and E, help generate healthy levels of nitric oxide.

“Over two thousand years ago the Aztec civilisation regarded the avocado as an aphrodisiac. Avocado comes from a Nahuatl Indian word meaning ‘testicle’. If it was good enough for the Aztecs, it’s good enough for us.

“We’ll also have a veggie option with asparagus instead of chorizo. Asparagus is packed with vitamin E which is said to stimulate sex hormones in men and women. It’s also a source of folate which is good for reproductive health in general.

“The down side is your pee will smell like asparagus for a while after eating it. Still, your date won’t notice that.”

The Ride will be available on St. Valentine’s Day at Rascals HQ and they also have a special offer of any 2 pizzas, 2 desserts, and 2 drinks, for a total of just €45.

People can book a table for St. Valentine’s Day at Rascals HQ on their website or by calling 01 5382051.

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