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27th Feb 2021

Eight tasty things to eat this weekend

Sarah Finnan

weekend eats

Ready for another weekend of good food? There is only one acceptable answer in this case so I’m going to go ahead and presume you said yes.

Here are eight of the tastiest eats that caught our eye this week. Hope you’re hungry…


A cross between a croissant and a sandwich, it’s warm and buttery and extremely delicious. Available in two different formats, the veggie one swaps out the bacon for an extra egg.

Sourdough sambo

Now stocking Greenville sambos, you’ll find the below lunchtime delights at Lennox Street Grocer in Portobello. Available Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30am, you’ll have to be quick if you want to nab one.


Good news, folks – Shouk is back open. I repeat… SHOUK IS BACK OPEN. One of my fave spots for a Middle East feast, dreams of their falafel keep me up at night. Seriously good.

Dulce de leche chocolate cookie

One of the newest editions to the Legit Coffee menu, these dulce de leche cookies look every bit as scrumptious as they sound. May as well double up and grab one of their caramelised pecan fudge brownies while you’re at it too.

Chocolate and hazelnut babka

You had me at chocolate.

White chocolate cheesecake

They may be better known for their fried chicken offerings but Happy Endings has just unveiled their newest dessert special and it sounds like a whole meal in and of itself. Watching how it’s made is oddly therapeutic… which leads me to believe eating it would be equally so. Only one way to find out.

Rhubarb vanilla sponge cake 

Anything with some brightly coloured rhubarb sat atop it is my kinda treat.

Espresso and vanilla cheesecake

I know, another cheesecake? Well, to that I say a big fat YES. And I think you’ll agree with me when you hear what’s in this one so get ready… espresso, Madagascar vanilla, salted caramel, smashed up malteasers, chocolate fingers and a peanut butter oreo base. Sold? Thought so.

Treat yaself and all that.

Header image via Instagram/Daddy’s/Brother Hubbard South