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06th Jan 2018

Five Reasons Why Every Dubliner Needs This Mini Raclette Cheese Grill In Their Life


It’s cold and wet outside and there’s no WAY we plan on leaving our homes for the rest of the month (if only we had the luxury of that, eh?). 

Everyone is broke and only the lucky few can make it out for dinner this month but GOOD NEWS: Anvil Home Store in Bray is selling an individual 9.5cm raclette with stand that comes complete with burner, stand and wooden spatula, ideal for heating a variety of cheeses to spread over potatoes, gherkins and meat.

Here’s why we’re legging it straight to Bray tomorrow to buy one of these purely perfect little cheesy beauts. 

1. It’s pretty feckin’ cheap at just €15.50

Artraclette Individual Raclette

2. You can have raclette cheese parties 

3. You can eat melted cheese for breakfast 

4. AND melted cheese for lunch and dinner 

5. And you’ll never be tempted by a takeaway ever again once you have access to instant gooey goodness*

*This is 100% not true, but hey – maybe put even more melted cheese on top of your takeaway?!

And bonus… You can even buy proper raclette cheese in Sheridan’s Cheesemongers for just €4.80 for 200g – perfect. 

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