'Grate news' as the Raclette Station returns to Fallon & Byrne

By Katy Thornton

January 9, 2023 at 11:45am


Pure torture for anyone, such as myself, in the throes of Veganuary right now.

Fallon & Byrne are doing God's work when it comes to helping people through the January blues by bringing back their iconic raclette station.

For those unfamiliar with this absolutely elite meal, a raclette is basically a Swiss dish of melted cheese, which is typically served with potatoes. Fallon & Byrne follow this recipe exactly, scraping their cheese onto potatoes, meat, and veg.

But you better be quick. Like last time, the Raclette Station is only back for a short time only, three weeks to be exact.


If you somehow need further convincing that this is something you need to try, then check out the video below. We think there'll be queues of people at Fallon & Byrne come Thursday 12th.

The Raclette Station will be available in the Fallon & Byrne food hall on Exchequer Street, Thursday to Saturday, for the rest of January.

Given that I'm committed to my Veganuary journey, I'll just have to live vicariously through everyone else. Cue uncontrollable sobbing.


Header images via Instagram/fallonandbyrne

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