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20th Dec 2016

Love Guac? Here’s 9 Places You Can Get The Very Best In Dublin


We’ll admit that we are fairly partial to some good guacamole – and we know, too, that it’s not difficult to make. Like, at all. Mash a load of avocados with some garlic, lime juice and coriander, and voila! Add chilies, tomato and onion if you like – it’s that simple.

Which is why it’s such a fucking travesty when restaurants serve up shitty green slime in a squeezy bottle – like, really?! You’d almost feel like going back into the kitchen and spending three minutes showing them how to make the kind of super tasty guac they should be serving up.

Rather than waste our time, though, we’ll just go to one of these places, instead…

1. 777, George’s St

This is, hands down, one of the best Mexican restaurants in town – and they serve a mean Margarita to boot. We especially like Taco Tuesday, when they serve two taquitos for €4. Whatever you do, order a side of guac for €4

2. Boojum, various locations 

There’s a reason this burrito place has a queue around the corner every single time you pass it by – the food is top-notch, and you’ll get lunch for less than a tenner which is always a win. And the guac has a lot to do with the greatness of the grub – it’s a pity you’ve to pay extra for it, but it’s always 80c well spent.

3. Acapulco, George’s St

This Dublin Mexican was a Dublin Mexican before we even knew what a burrito was – and as one of the oldest joints in the city, it’s been through its ups and downs. We’re glad to report that Acapulco is fast regaining its crown as one of the top Mexican diners in town – try the chilli beef tostadas, which come with guac, cheese and sour cream and are mouthwateringly good.

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4. K Chido Mexican, Four Courts

This super cute food truck at the Four Courts Luas stop once had us seriously convince that Dublin was on the cusp of a food truck boom – that hasn’t transpired, but it just means that K Chido is all the more special because it stands pretty much alone. The guacamole con totopos (€3.50) is one of the best guac ‘n’ chips orders in town.

5. Pablo Picante, various locations

This is another burrito joint with a few different shops in town – and a good call if you like your Mexican super hot. Its USP is that you can order a wide variety of burrito combos, switching out beans, rice and toppings. Our poison? The excellent Beefy Barbacoa.

6. Picado Mexican, Dublin 2

Okay, so Picado isn’t exactly a restaurant, but it is a Mexican food shop that hosts supper clubs and cookery nights which involve a lot of eating. You’ll learn how to make Mexican staples and then get to stuff them into your head with gusto – and it’s your perfect chance to learn what real guacamole should taste like.

7. Mission Mexican Street Food, Lower Liffey St

This burrito joint on Dublin’s Northside boasts a Mexican chef, a huge selection of salsas and hot sauce you can buy to take home – a winning combo. Guac on your burrito will set you back €1.60 which is a teeny bit steep, but your total will still be a fairly budget-friendly €8.35.

8. Cafe Azteca, Lord Edward St

Did you know… Mexican food is about more than just burritos? It’s hard to believe, but Cafe Azteca is one of those authentic, Mexican-run joints that offers a whole lot more than whopper Mexican combos in fluffy floury wraps (although it does those too). Whatever you do, get a side of guac (always).

9. El-Patron Mexican, King Street North

This is the newest kid on the Tex-Mex block, and in a pretty genius move, they’ve added a mini burrito to their menu, at a seriously sound €4.95. That’s, y’know, a burrito – only smaller. Perfect for when you’re really in the mood for some Mexican but can’t quite face going the whole shebang (and know that, if you do order it, you’ll definitely end up scoffing the lot…).

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