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Here’s Where You Can Get The Most Authentic Waterford Blaa In Dublin

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Most people know Waterford as the home of the crystal.

But true Déise-heads know that our real pride and joy is the trusty, crusty blaa.

It’s one of the most divisive breakfast foods there is, with arguments ranging from fillings (tayto – always tayto) to crustiness level.

But one thing is for certain – it is NOT just a “floury bap” as the uninitiated would have you believe.

Part of the elusiveness of the blaa is that they don’t travel well – so Waterfordians can be left longing when away from home.

So where can a blaa-hunter find their fix in Dublin?

I tried my first Dublin blaa at Hatch & Sons back in 2013 and was massively impressed. Since then I’ve tried blaas on various menus around the city, but they’re either too crusty, too soft, too floury or (the biggest offender of all) a bap.

Call me Goldy-blaas, but the Hatch & Sons blaa is juuuuust right.

The perfect bite with a soft, doughy centre and floured to perfection.

They’re made by the OG blaa-makers in Waterford, Walshe’s Bakehouse (formerly M&D bakery) so these are the real deal.



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Behold the Hatch & Sons breakfast blaa in all its glory.



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Other blaas on the menu include spiced beef with onion relish and rapeseed mayo, goat’s cheese with beetroot relish, and a classic cheddar and ham with relish, tomato and mayo.

You’ll find Hatch & Sons in two locations – Stephen’s Green and Hugh Lane, open Tues – Sun for breakfast and lunch.

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