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21st Mar 2017

O.M.G – Pretzel Donuts Exist And They Are Absolutely Glorious


Just when you think you can’t possibly be impressed with any more food hybrids (eat one cronut and you’ve eaten ’em all), we realised that there’s a new style of donut in town and it’s a thing of pure beauty.

Dublin, get ready to gorge on the Pretzel Donut. 

Is it a pretzel? Is it a donut? Oh, it’s both, my sweet-toothed friends.

Two tasty treats known around the world for bringing joy to a rumbling tummy have joined forces to twist their divine flavours together for a mouth-watering, warm and soft bite of heaven.

Not convinced? Just LOOK at these perfect little squishy snacks:

And the best part? You can get them in Dublin…

PICS: 5 Hot New Spots To Check Out In Dublin This Week Both Krust bakery and Cafe Sol in the city centre will sort you out with a freshly baked pretzel donut – we highly recommend you try one.

Sneaky breakfast snack in the morning anyone? We thought so.