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07th Mar 2017

One Of Our Fave Dublin Restaurants Is Now Serving Midweek Brunch


It’s no secret that brunch is our favourite meal and we don’t always want to wait until the weekend for a comforting feed of eggs, pancakes and nachos.

Luckily, some of Dublin’s restaurants have cottoned on to this fact and have started offering a midweek brunch menu to satisfy our cravings.

The latest is San Lorenzo‘s and given that it’s one of the most popular spots in town when it comes to brunch, we reckon it’s going to make a lot of people VERY happy.

“San Lorenzo’s has now become so associated with brunch in the minds of the younger customer base that we find ourselves continually turning away people that are seeking a brunch option during the week. The market has changed so why not?” said a spokesperson.

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So, what’s on offer?

First off is a Crostini Menu, with a ton of different options from a classic breakfast (avocado, buffalo mozzarella, vine-roasted tomatoes and poached eggs) to the more substantial (8oz steak, sticky balsamic roast red onions, duck fat home fries and black pepper butter).

There’s also the usual Eggs Benedict variations, as well as four salad options ranging from Cobb Salad to Calamari.

Best of all, all those weekend favourites like Crab Cakes, Super Nachos and the famous Coco Pops French Toast are now all available during the week.


The midweek brunch menu is available Tues to Friday from 11am to 3.30pm.

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