PICS: Milanos On Clarion Quay Got A Bit Of A Facelift, And It's Lookin' Daycent

There's also some good news for coeliacs

Ld Milanos3

As chains go, Milanos aren't half bad.

The pizzas are pretty solid, the salads are seriously excellent – if you're the type to go for a pizza and order a salad, that is – and seldom does it feel like you're just a unit on a conveyor belt, as is so often the case in such places.

(Maybe we'd like it a little less if, like in the UK, it were called Pizza Express. But hey – all hail the power of marketing, eh?)

They've just given their Clarion Quay branch in the IFSC a bit of a facelift, and opened it just in time for Paddy's Day. And we have to say, it doesn't look half bad...

Ld Milanos1
Ld Milanos2
Ld Milanos3
Ld Milanos4
Ld Milanos5

And there's an 'extended' gluten-free menu on the way

That's right. We've been reliably informed that their current gluten-free menu is to be extended, and that:

"... for the first time ever, delicious Gluten Free Dough Balls will be available for customers to enjoy"

Gluten-free dough balls. Well I never.

This should be interesting...

Written By

Aidan Coughlan