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14th May 2019

11 Of The Funniest Things Ever Written On The Walls Of Dublin Pub Toilets


Dubliners are a creative bunch as we all know, and it seems that we get more and more creative when there’s a few drops of the brew around.

You can’t go to the toilet in a pub in peace in town without reading entire essays scribbled on the walls by ‘Nicky and Emz 2k9 BFF’s foreva luv you so sooooooo much xoxoxoxx’.

Christ people, write something worthwhile.

Luckily there’s a few gems you’ll spot out and about that will make your endless trips to the jacks (why do we always break the seal??) a bitta craic.

Here’s 11 of the best graffiti you’ll spot in a Dublin pub toilet…

“In the name of God”


Rock on Granny!

Brexit inspo xox

Cannot be unseen

We’ve ALL rocked this look

Grand so

“Beware of the limbo dancer”

*Side eye*

Inta Door

Source: emilyruddyx

Awkward for Philip

Have you any pics of absolutely gas ones? Pop them in the comments below!