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30th Mar 2018

Six Places To Go For Good Friday Pints Tonight Where You Might Actually Get A Seat


Incase you weren’t already aware, today is pretty iconic. For the first time in 91 years you can now order alcohol in Irish pubs as the Good Friday ban comes to a glorious end. 

*Gets ready for a night that’s like Halloween and Stephen’s Day rolled into one*

But y’know what we don’t fancy tonight? Celebrating Great Friday in a pub that’s absolutely packed to the rafters with not a hope of getting a seat to rest your weary and – more than likely – tipsy behind. 

Luckily, we are somewhat mystical genies of the city and our professional experience (read: months spent in Dublin’s pubs) means that these six places in town shouldn’t be too bad tonight. 

Have a beer on us. It’s what Jesus would have wanted. 

1. Humphrey’s, Ranelagh

Smyths? McSorley’s? Forget it.

A favourite to locals, Humphrey’s is full of friendly staff, a deadly patio and a perma-chilled atmosphere.

There’s full outdoor heating and your chances of getting a seat are far greater than other pubs in the near vicinity. A real gem. 

2. The Leeson Lounge, Leeson Street 

The Leeson Lounge is very rarely especially crowded and the ambiance is casual and laid back.

Really super bartenders with a natural flair for people, a great beer selection, ample indoor seating and great tunes – live or otherwise. What more could you want?

3. 4 Dame Lane, Dame Lane

You’ve got two floors to choose from in this bar, and even with all the seating there’s still plenty of room for a bop. 

Plus you’re smack bang in the middle of the city should you feel the need to do a Good Friday bar crawl. 

4. The Square Ball, Hogan Place

Use the quiet location of The Square Ball to your advantage this Friday night and bag yourself a seat for a few quiet ones after work. 

They’ve a wide range of craft beers to choose from, some top notch pub grub and even Mario Kart to play upstairs.

5. Johnny Rush’s, South William Street

A central, and extremely cheap, spot.

Hide yourself away in the back of this South William Street bar with a €20 bottle of prosecco and you’ll be laughin’.

6. TP Smiths, Jervis Street

Lovely little bar, with an old-timey spiral staircase in the middle. Staff go beyond the call of duty in TP’s, and there’s plenty of room with a proper chilled atmosphere. 

By this evening chances are it will just be locals so you’ve a good bet of a seat. 

Go forth and turn that water into wine.

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