A Hilarious Handwritten Chat Up Note Was Found This Morning In A Dublin Pub By The Cleaners

"I have Netflix and pizzas in the freezer"


Ahhh love.

The inspiration of some of the finest works of literature in history, from Romeo and Juliet to Pride and Prejudice, the old 'amore' sparks up genius in many a person, and it seems to have got one Irish person's creative juices flowing...

Perhaps one day even more legendary than a Shakespeare sonnet, the cleaners in McGowan's pub in Phibsboro found a eh, unusual, handwritten chat up note on the floor of the bar this morning.

There was big singles night on last night and obviously someone decided to throw fate to the wind and seduce that special person with their words.

McGowan's posted a picture of the love letter saying: “Cleaners found this earlier. I wonder did he/she go home with them? I’d be tempted for the grub alone.”

Here's what the note said:

if you come home with me i’ll promise you won’t regret it, I have Netflix and pizzas in the freezer and my ma will probably make us breakfast in the morning
18952952 10154903493647880 8761943738045989633 N

We'd be off home with that charmer sooner than you could say pizzas and Netflix!

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