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15th Feb 2020

Clontarf pub hilariously live-blogs first date on Valentine’s Day

Darragh Murphy

Love was in the air in Harry Byrne’s pub on Valentine’s Day.

Staff at the famous Clontarf pub kept their social media followers on the edge of their seats after deciding to provide Facebook updates on a first date they had spotted taking place.

A first date on Valentine’s Day is always a bold move, which made the Harry Byrne’s staff take their responsibility on live-blogging the exchange very seriously.

The first post, shortly after 9pm read: “Lads. We have a first date in the pub. Updates to follow……”

Harry Byrne's couple

After asking some questions about the young man’s choice of attire, the updates took a positive turn.

“Things appear to be going well,” read an update at 10pm.

“They have moved to a secluded corner of the pub. He bought her some scampi. He’s a good one. He’s a good one.”

The live-blogging was nearly thrown into disarray when staff believed their cover may have been blown but the updates resumed at 11pm.

Harry Byrne's couple

“We are back. We are back. Paranoia levels have receded,” a post at 11:06pm read.

“WE HAVE HAND HOLDING. REPEAT. WE HAVE HAND HOLDING. You are witnessing the magic of Harry’s right here.”

Champagne was ordered, change was gotten from the bar and a celebratory photograph brought an end to a romantic night at Harry’s.

Harry Byrne's couple

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