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PICS: The Workman’s Club Did Something Truly Iconic For A Lad Who Lost His Tobacco

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Waking up after a night on the sauce and realising you’ve lost something in the club is a feeling like no other. The anger, the regret, and the embarrassment you feel at being so silly to have left your item behind never mixes well with a hangover.

It’s even worse, too, if it’s something that you can’t afford to replace. This is what happened to a lad called Fionn who had his first night out in ages after going through a tough time financially.

Fionn somehow misplaced his pouch of tobacco at the popular night Somewhere? at The Workman’s Club, and their response to his plea for his lost property is truly iconic.

After “wooing his female colleagues and jiving to The Smiths”, Fionn lost his pouch of tobacco in the club – meaning his €16 had gone down the drain

He messaged into the club night’s Facebook page asking if they could keep an eye out for the tobacco and his skins.

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Somewhere? got in touch to say they hadn’t found his tobacco… But would make up for it in a seriously sound way

“This is one of the funniest messages we have received”, said employee Trev. While the pouch hadn’t been found, Trev said that he could “empathise whole heatedly” with Fionn’s loss.

He left €16 in the club’s office for Fionn to collect and have money to buy a new pack of tobacco

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We got in touch with Trev from The Workman’s who told Lovin Dublin that he just “couldn’t see him stuck for tobacco for the rest of the week.” Fionn collected the tobacco the very next day and sent Trev a nice message to say thanks.

What an absolute legend. Winner of soundest club in Dublin award?

Thanks to KT for sending this in! If you’ve got a great story, send us a message on Facebook with the details.

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